One out of nine children lose a parent before 18. Three out of four children have experienced death, divorce, separation, or abandonment. The emotional impact of profound losses such as these can be enormous. Helping a child to recover requires a deep understanding of the unique mourning process in children and training in providing both immediate relief and psychodynamic therapy when needed.

How We Help Professionals

For more than 35 years, Barr-Harris Children’s Grief has provided compassionate help for grieving children and families in the Chicago area. Our professional staff of experienced therapists provide over 2.000 hours a year of individual therapeutic services for children in various locations. We also conduct professional workshops, consult with schools, provide referrals, and offer training for educators and mental health professionals. Barr-Harris is affiliated with The Chicago Institute for Psychoanalysis.


Barr-Harris conducts workshops on topics related to violence and childhood grief for mental health professionals and others. These workshops provide critical information, explore clinical situations, and present treatment strategies. Workshop attendees will earn continuing education credits.   [link to Workshops]


Barr-Harris offers one-year field placements for advanced social work and psychology students. These internships include academic work, classes, individual and group supervision by senior clinicians, and clinical work with children and families. The internships begin in September.  To apply¸ contact your school placement office to see if we are an approved site and then follow the school’s procedures.  For further information, contact Barr-Harris.

Online Resources

The staff of Barr-Harris has compiled the following online resources for social work and psychology students and professionals:

  • Extensive bibliographies on loss and divorce;
  • Teacher’s Guide;
  • Developmental Aspects of Child Bereavement;
  • Recommended books for children and their parents.

Who We Are

  • Specialists in treating children who have suffered loss of parent or other trauma;
  • All trained child clinicians;
  • Main office in Chicago and community locations.

Who We Serve

Children and adolescents ages 2 to 17 and their families who have suffered a profound loss or other trauma. Barr-Harris helps children recover from:

  • The death of a parent, sibling or other loved one;
  • Separation, divorce,or abandonment;
  • Violence or trauma at school or in the community.

What We Do

  • Evaluate needs of the child, parent, and other family members.
  • Provide short and long-term grief therapy and counseling services.
  • Provide guidance and support to other family members.
  • Provide telephone consultations for those seeking immediate response to a loss or crisis.
  • Provide referral services.
  • Provide guidance and consultation for teachers and social service and mental health professionals working with the child.
  • Provide telephone and in-person consultations to other professionals.
  • Offer workshops and resources for professionals at their schools and agencies.