“I no longer have a mommy or daddy.” “I want to go to heaven to be with daddy.” “Since our loss, our family has experienced emotions that we never felt possible.”

When Tragedy Occurs

In an ideal world, children wouldn’t experience the loss of loved one through natural or violent death, divorce, or abandonment. But for the children and adolescents served by Barr-Harris Children’s Grief Center, their reality is a world disrupted by severe loss and trauma.

Their numbers are not insignificant. One out of 20 children under 15 have lost a parent. Many others have lost siblings and friends, some due to violence. Almost 50% of children have been caught in a divorce. Children who have experienced such traumatic losses have an increased risk for substance abuse, depression, and other emotional and behavioral problem.

How We Help

These children and their families need a place to turn to for support, counseling, and therapy, regardless of their ability to pay. For thirty-five years, Barr-Harris Children’s Grief Center has been that place. We offer specialized therapeutic interventions; consultation to parents, schools and professionals; as well as educational workshops for educators and mental health professionals.

No Child Is Turned Away for Financial Reasons

In the past year we provided more than 2,300 hours of therapeutic services to over 400 children. These children came from all types of homes, living situations, and income levels. We also conducted over 40 community presentations. We provided consultation and assistance for schools, social service agencies and community programs.

Help Us Help Children and their Families Overcome their Grief

We are a 501(c) nonprofit and our mission is  made possible by generous grants and donations from institutions and individuals like you who recognize the difference Barr-Harris has made in the lives of the grieving and traumatized children we serve. Please support our mission by donating to Barr-Harris Children’s Grief Center.

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Your gift can also be made in honor or memory of a loved one or someone who has been personally touched by the work of Barr-Harris Children’s Grief Center. When making a gift by check, please include “Barr-Harris” in the memo line.

For more information on giving, please contact Judy Schiffman at 312.922.7474, x310. If you represent a foundation and are interested in donating to Barr-Harris, please contact Judy Schiffman at 312.922.7474, x310.